Movin’ on Up…Front page news…

1465darn-these-horns0529_337904406562821_1324042439702320704_nSadie thought she would help herself to the dog food while we were milking this a.m.; just couldn’t quite get the darn horns to cooperate! (Carol)

So you are saying there is a chance!!! That’s what I heard when Sen. John McCain said he can’t vote for either Trump or Clinton and is having intentions of writing in his candidate of choice!

With this open opportunity for my first national endorsement in my “Move ahead with Ed” presidential campaign, Carol, on my behalf, sent an email off to the Senator, asking him to check out our Blog and YouTube channel. Hopin’ this will bring him into our corner! Asldo sending an open invitation to drop by the farm for what will most likely be dubbed ‘The Summit in the Crik” by all major news networks!

Should also give a heads up to all my children’s employers; the kids services may be needed via short notice, as without a doubt the ‘Meet the  Press’ type appearances are just around the corner!!!

All those nay- sayers having a good old belly laugh, settle down and take a good look at election 2016, then ask yourself which is crazier, or should we say a bigger pile of bullshit???

Plus more gas was thrown on my fire when, in conjunction with Senator McCain’s write-in intentions, the ‘experts’ say the group thinking in this same direction has grown to the point percentage wise may now be larger than either Trump or Clinton has in their corners!

So in my way of thinking, if good old long division is still legal, I’ve got a chance!! Thank you for your support.

The preceding message was done for free by  Ed for Ed and the ‘Move Ahead with Ed’ campaign.


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