ESPN radio hosts need ‘Fact Check’…

1464gerta-in-the-morning-sun-2335_338426153177313_5687722206574934892_nThe early morning sun must feel good -didn’t move when I approached; like the way it floated across her as she slept! (Carol)

To get us all in sync, while boring many and, as my buddy Jon would say, preaching about a subject/problem that will most likely never change, here I go again:

(In my best Forrest Gump voice) USDA, the Feds, set the milk prices where for 100 lbs. of milk the base price is blank dollars -simple version. From that, processors can make deductions! Examples would be (1) hauling milk to their plant (something to be discussed at length someday), (2) National Advertising campaign like the milk mustach Got Milk campaign; farmers pay for which I have never been asked to participate in or even asked my thoughts…is it good, well, sorta maybe…to tell the truth, it sucks! For many reasons sure would love my money back!

One of these, in an indirect way, was blasted over the airwaves on the ESPN Mike and Mike morning show (I was listening on the radio, but believe it is also on TV) The conversaation about drinking milk while eating steak by ex-football players made it sound as if no one would do such a thing, which one guest morphed into Almond and Rice milk, which as all his family has! I heard that a possible phlegm problem  would occur an hour or so following steak and milk! Example of why this makes me want my money back and why our advertising of milk and milk products is such a failure!

National Dairy and Pro Football are teamed up in the’ Fuel Up Play 60′ or what ever the hell the name is. Pro football, which is on of ESPN’s biggest ;money makers and keeps God knows how many former players in a job and know body knew!

And that’s the problem, nobody knows putting some whipped cream on actor;s upper lip so they can mumble Got Milk! Milk needs to made cool, it needs an old lady ‘where’s the beef’  moment or change that young kid drinkin’ Mountain Dew; them butting heads with a mountain goat, into drinking milk, then jumping on a bull for a ride…

There is nothing that pisses me off more than someone talking about milk without a blankin clue! Most of all, for everyone, don’t just listen to me screamin’ on my soapbox…do research, find the facts, compare, ask questions; even better, if you’ve got pull, get the Mike and Mike Show to set up in the milking parlor. We’ll all learn together, do some taste testing!!! Lets even-out the soapboxes…

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  1. Hi Ed and Carol – I don’t know about anyone else these days, but if I don’t have milk with every meal I’m just not having a complete meal – a morning without my chocolate milk? Forget about it! Obviously there’s some political/financial reason why the media keeps pushing fake milk and dissing the farmers (and don’t get me started about Monsanto ads on PBS!!!), so I’m glad you have your blog to help educate people. We need to find an actual honest politician (is there such a thing?) to champion farmers and bring these issues to light! I wouldn’t want to live in a world without cows or milk or butter or ice cream!!

    BTW, I live in a rural area outside of Syracuse and have been having such a good time the past couple months hitting every farmstand around on Sundays, nature’s bounty has been very good this year, hasn’t it? Except for my own garden – woodchucks you know (good thing they’re so CUTE). Well thanks for listening, love your blog and pics and animal love!




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