Dated…OLD…by Ed

13708New Turtke399_295475660805696_4820602198677110055_oOh, the looks , when asking for a piece of corn string or maybe baling wire! That is when back in the day, lessons begin about how hay balers at one time were stationary with the bales being tied with wire…hence baling wire…Or those shocks of corn made by the corn binders, were held together with string…hence corn string…and then it is what is a corn binder with shocks?

First, a shock of corn is a bundle like you see on front porches, mailboxes or a tree in a yard this time of year. The corn binders which Amish farmers still use today, have mechanical parts driven by the turning of the wheels over the ground…hence ground driven…hence horse drawn…cutting of the corn making bundles ties by the corn string, which then fell onto the ground where we’d them up on flat wagons, go to the silo and run the bundles through an ensilage cutter…making a chopped corn product similar to the silage of today…where the corn string got chopped up right in with the corn and sent into the silo.

One of many ingenious ideas I have witnessed in the evolution of the farm along with those many implements along the way! Also if they’re real lucky, I tell them before the super WalMart, you could go to the A&P or Grand Union for groceries,and stopping by department stores like W.T.Grant,Mammoth Mart and even Sears Roebuck had one. You could still find the bright orange roof of Howard Johnson’s and most gas stations had two pumps with someone other than you pumping gas. Also no lottery tickets with a hot line number for your gambling problem on the back!

Oh, and yes, we had our version of McDonalds — it was called Carrolls and it wasn’t the kitchen in the house!!!

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