Better??Signs of Bear…

While finishing up Jeremy’s corn yesterday, sure signs of bear in the corn were spotted by the guys. Prior to this our Grandson Jai, caught a glimpse of a large male at the edge of the woods, who turned and went right back in upon spotting the equipment in the field.  They are on the move…


  1. All of nature is gearing up . We have two dog foxes caterwauling at each other in our back yard each night and a few days ago the golf course behind our back fence was enlivened by two white tail deer stags having a rumpus. This, my husband learnt when he went to play golf, took place on one green which was thoroughly wrecked and had to be re-sodded. The squirrels are busy padding their dreys also–mouthfuls of leaves being moved up into the trees–even ahead of the bird seeds and fruit peelings we put down.



    1. Mother Nature is amazing! We have had a number of geese on the pond, heading south, also. Sounds like you stay entertained by wildlife!!! We are indeed fortunate to witness these in action! Thank you for your comment and Happy Fall!



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