Finishing up…

After being summoned to the field yesterday (Dad says get your ass up here!) I knew it had something to do with a video. After doing another one about sure bear signs, I was happy to be there for the very last load of corn to be chopped by Jeremy for 2016. A nice harvest this year for all of us.

I realized after reviewing it that for some reason my video stopped before getting to the very end of the field, and that my audio was terrible. What I had said when Jeremy went by was that Ed pretty much taught him to drive tractor and do the chopping while Jeremy was still here on our farm. It was gratifying to see him doing his own, knowing that we may have had a hand in getting him to this point.

Also, as I was finishing up the video, Jai drove into the field to take the empty wagon back home and I was reminded that there was 3 generations in this field at the same time. I guess I was feeling very Mother-like at that moment.

Next on the agenda  for all of us is to try to get more hay, weather permitting, and then ‘snap’ the corn that is left for both of us. Jeremy will no doubt do the snapping with his equipment and we will do the transporting. Nice…

One Comment

  1. Very sweet…. Both of my parents were raised on farms in north west Iowa…. i was a city girl. Population 1,000 with no stoplights….. They told me many stories of farm life… It is so great to hear that life is still about the same as it was many years ago… maybe bigger tractors but still the same stress with weather conditions, prices for crops/milk. etc…. Ed and Carol you rock…. Thank you for keeping farms alive….Rebecca



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