My Farmer and Me..Beanie gets a new look!

Decided today was a good day to finish Beanie’s shearing so Ed got out his scissors and away he went…I grabbed mine a while later and helped him so we could get other things accomplished today.. We have a tough time getting someone to come to do just one, so we do it ourselves. Actually, mostly Ed! Sorry for the crazy ending, but had a heifer pushing on me while I was trying to get Beanie in the barnyard area…Of course she wouldn’t just walk through as usual; guess she wasn’t through modeling!!!

What do you think of how his Mexican Fighting Bull is coming along?


  1. Loved your description of Beanie’s haircut! The Heilas are doing well, and I am envious of the goose on Jon’s property, however I am waiting for just the right piece of farm junk art to appear to broaden my collection!



    1. Nice! Had fun doing the video. Glad the Heilas are well; Ed is working on smaller pieces that could be shipped a bit easier. Will photo some when he gets a few completed. Enjoy this fall weather, Betsy!



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