Simple Pleasures…Look Up


Look up…on these moonlit nights into the heavens and wait for all the planes to move on, cars to stop whizzing by, then just maybe if you’re quiet long enough, one of life’s marvels will pass by; a flock of geese honking their way to warmer pastures in those big massive Vs. Sometimes they number in the hundreds. Such a beautiful mesmerizing site to watch.

The flock move slowly, moves out of sight, even better is when you hear a flock coming but never catch sight of them in the sky as the honks slowly fade away in the distance. But don’t think if you miss them in the next couple of moonlit nights ’cause geese have either the greatest night vision goggles or super radar, cause on those cloudy nights is when they sound just over the tree tops to me, flying by the lights from the windows!

So in the next couple of weeks do yourself a favor; find a quiet spot somewhere and wait! Good Luck! Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is a great thing to do with young ones or that special someone. Just plan ahead and put a couple of small stones in your pocket. Also brush up on names of stars and such. Those stones? Well, they work real good in getting someone closer, as they ask, ‘Did you hear that?’ Just remember what is behind you cause you’ll hit it while they miss it, when that formerly nice little kitty comes slinking out of the shadows.!!

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