My Farmer and Me–The invitation…

After bringing in the new calf and his Mommy from the pasture, only seconds later the vultures were devouring the afterbirth.That is their purpose in life…clean up the dead, decaying things instead of killing their own. I guess that is a good thing as you really don’t want all the roadkill and such to linger too long…the smell would drive you away!

I also read in the bird book that these creatures go as far south as the northern tip of South America for winter, although most usually stay in the southern U.S..1467birthday-bull1298_340750872944841_5122343035803490872_nThis is the new baby,a good sized bull. He will most likely be sold to someone looking for a Swiss to train as an ox. In the last year we have sold 7 for that purpose. Would really like to have some new Swiss heifers. Had Sal-ee a few weeks ago but would be nice to increase the Swiss milking heard. Oh well…

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  1. Please tell me that there is anything more lovable that that of a Brown Swiss calf. Thank you for the pic of this very handsome boy. How I am smiling looking at him. When I was much younger I raised oxen – all Brown Swiss. They were all crowd pleasers. Their personalities are unsurpassable. It will be easy to find a home for him.



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