Birthday Dinner…

ed-and-carol-with-the-gooseTook my better, lovely half out to dinner on Monday for her birthday. Heather we know you paid for it, and we want you to stop by for your flowers at the farm anytime! We shall paint one of them purple just for you!! Thank you so much; it was a very nice surprise.

Had a wonderful chat with Jamie, our ‘very good at her job, deserves a raise’ waitress for the evening. Very nice after dinner ‘mint’ conversation!  Also must say all of the birthday wishes, tags, timeline wishes, etc made for a nice day for Carol. Thanks to everyone from me, the dumb ass who never knows the day or date.

See, punching a time clock or even having a real job to draw a paycheck? Nope, nada, never been there or done that…But don’t you all give up: they put in one of those Super Walmart’s in the next town over so I may just put my name in fer one of those greeter jobs.”Hey you get yer shit and get ur ass out, ya have a nice #$@^% day! ” Just practicing!

On the farm front, helped mow hay so we can finish Jeremy’s bag which is around 60%, then re-set the bagger down here and snap corn. A video will do better to explain than writing, so stay tuned…

With luck we may also get to bale more hay, keeping that old Gulley tradition alive, which says you never get done haying, you just quit! My personal record is baling my first hay one year in May, then doing some every month until December. In the month of November that year, we baled the 4th thru the 7th thinking that was the end, then we had a good last week in November when I  mowed one field which was able to pick up on Dec 2. Two loads of freeze dried the cows really liked!


  1. If you do that at Walmart, I’d actually want to go there – still NOT ha ha. Happy Birthday Carol – how the heck did you get your nasturtiums to grow so huge?!! Puts mine to shame!



  2. Instead of a people greeter, you would be wonderful to stand at the front of the store and beller “get some#&×##&& cashiers up here!” You would earn huge tips!….hahaha!



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