My Farmer and Me…Sadie and Beanie Chillin’…

1460beanie-and-sadie6411_343108579375737_3418454294543921711_nOkay, so it was raining. You won’t melt, you two. Just make yourselves at home!! Ed and I worked really hard to get that 2nd cutting you have gotten strewn all over to lay on. Think you’re smart, Sadie; you broke a perfectly good bale all by yourself…well, your plate may not be so full this winter.

Oh, I have to go OUTSIDE and feed my calves but don’t you worry, I will be fine. I won’t bother you with having to move so I can get up in the hay mow. I can just wait until you get up on your own, as long as it is still daylight so I can see up there. Gosh, what I do for you guys…

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