Remembering 1960…

Kaylah and I at Washington County Fair. This girl is going places…

100_0085Tuesday afternoon our granddaughter Kaylah interviewed me via the telephone for a presentation she is doing for a college class on what I could remember about the farm in 1960!!

Where or what is the best way to start. Good thing she had specific-type questions… First being about what animals were on the farm then..Answer: dairy cows, a bull, chickens, guinea hens, geese, a pig or two, a pet sheep or goat and possibly a donkey. Horses, lots of horses being 1960 was right in Ridge Riders Saddle Club years, so possibly as many horses as cows!

Machinery? A Massey Harris 30 and Farmall 400 tractors, we were still using a Papec ensilage cutter for corn, baled hay with a New Holland 77 baler with a Wisconsin Four Motor (not a PTO driven machine). Had a Massey side delivery rake, was still using ground ddriven manure spreader along with other modified ground driven machines.

We would combine our oats and pick a corn crib full of ear corn to make our own grain called ‘grist’ for the cows. Those cows lived on pasture from early May ’til mid October with only a little grain at milking times.

First cutting hay was started in June and if any second came along, many farmers called it ‘after feed’ and turned cows in it during hot, dry August or early fall to extend pasture a bit longer.

When comparing farm numbers then to now, this area was all farms. Now, combined into a half dozen, some of which are owned by people who weren’t here in 1960. The little hamlet of White Creek just about a mile down the road from our farm had 4, maybe 6 small farms that were running at that time right in the hamlet!!

Wow, when being asked to stop and think 1960, it was still mostly milk shipped in cans with lots of barter jobs, helping each other!!

Maybe that is why “The Good Old Days..”


  1. Wow you have a wonderful face under all that hair. I also think, those where the good old days. Kids respected their elders and played outside all day. I think life was much simpler.



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