You Know What was Really good..?

dsc00406Carol’s Sunflower Garden…

This morning while eating our breakfast, Carol was looking thru a magazine and saw a trailer on an upcoming movie she has heard is supposed to be good. For those who don’t know, I stopped watching TV back last winter when we started this blog, so knowing anything about TV or movies are unknown to me unless it has been talked about on a radio!

Any whoo, her saying its going to be really good brought about this reply from me that went on for a good part of the morning…You know what was really good , as a kid we would go to the Painted Pony Rodeo and old man Barrett the clown, would run down the arena yelling”there’s a celebrity here, look…it’s Dolly Parton”, then he’s stop and turn around, heading back with his head down and say, ” Nope, just two bald guys sitting together!” Having kind of straitlaced parents, that was really good!

Minutes later I say you know what was really good? When we first started going to Amish country in Pennsylvania and stopped by a roadside stand where a seven year old little girl waited on us ( under her mother’s watchful eye), then counted out our change with a thank you and have a good day! Now that was really good, in light of today’s new math cia the calculator!

Again, I would say, you know what was really good? When in Detroit at the PBR event, we saw Justin McBride ride (I think it was Big Bucks) for $250,000 from the second row right at the buckin’ chutes not 20 feet away! REALLY GO!

As soon as I could get her attention, which was now getting harder to do, I’d say you know what was really good? When we first drove into the parkin’ lot of the Homestead Restaurant in Ohio Amish country, not knowing how good that fried chicken inside was going to be inside; what was even better was the next two times we went there, we knew how really good it was!!!

Hey,Carol. You know what was really good? Those two times we went to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield Mo. to visit the museum which was closed both times…What makes it better is that gives us a reason to go back!!!

Please Carol…just a couple more…Yes!! You know what was really good?? When Terry Don West did a bull riding school up at Painted Pony Rodeo and I got to take our bull Otto, who the kids all wanted to ride (due to being not mush of a bucker, but friendly) then Terry Don telling them you know how to improve their rides while always saying a little more bull would help… Otto went out eleven times; Terry Don talked about our bull..Now that was really good!

Please? Last one…You know what was really good? When we were driving down thru the Ozarks, headed for Branson, Mo. Our first of hopefully many more quests to see America tour vacations which I know will be really good,,,


  1. I have those memories of painted pony too…usually my husband and his brother were bulldogging…the wild walker boys…also memories of the Amish in penn….we have been friends with a family for 20 years and often stay with them when we visit…thanks for stirring up the memories….



  2. Carol & Ed….You know what is really GOOD and getting better and better every posting??!! YOUR BLOG!!



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