Ed’s art palace has turned into winter tractor storage once again. (Carol)

Three days of steady rain  not the occasional showers weather forecaster had promised, has brought our filling Jeremy’s second bag with haylage to a screeching halt!! We had mowed what we thought would be close to enough before the rains came with the expectation one more mowing after that was in, we could then move back to our place with he bagger to snap what corn is left ( a video will explain) then it will be back to hay again to finish that bag to close out feed gathering for another year we hope!!

But in the meantime three days of rain meant shop clean out with the goal to be my Gehl wagon in the one end of the shop to be rebuilt over the winter then the other end where videos have been shot during this summer showing my folk art projects; the place tires were changed, parts were fabricated, wood projects got done, piles of things that never made it to the fair along with that which came back, a peacock that morphed into a goose, mexican fighting bull that didn’t morph but also still isn’t finished (close though) and countless other items of debris from the past busy season.  Then we will morph into another busy season of finishing that porch, putting up a supply of fire wood, barn repairs, machinery cleanup , winterize and put under cover. Hope to get some fall building painting done, one door to make, one to repair and of course, those presidential duties. Those I will do first thing every morning, kinda like milking which I’ve done for over 50 years . Can my opposition say that?

Lets move ahead with Ed…Just like the other candidates, I didn’t tell you where we’re moving or getting ahead of, or what I am experienced in. This political stuff is pretty KOOL! Like lots of little white lies, only bigger!

Thank you for your vote! Was that recorder on? It is only words, it was late. It was past my bedtime…Carol didn’t edit right!

And you are still an idiot, Ed…(Carol, getting the last word in!!!) Edit this, Ed…

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