Kemo Sahbee…

1420the-three3106_321352424884686_6054320385922251465_nToday (Sunday) the rain stopped, the winds are blowing, so by tomorrow we’ll be back in the field. Figure it is about time to get my things back from the Open House before Jon starts with those nasty emails.

As any farm boy would, you’re always surveying your surroundings as if you are driving into a new field! There is the doe with her fawn in the back corner, the hawk above the turkeys heading into the woods, that gray squirrel by that tree and crows in the other! You get the idea that this farmer notices these things…

As I approached Bedlam Farm, Jon and Maria were out back by the gates to their far pasture. After pulling into the driveway, I headed out  back to annnounce my arrival. After getting out behind the barn, it was apparent Maria was busy fixing fence and Jon had back away to take pictures. Neither knew I was there and walking toward them.

By walking straight up behind Jon with the sun to my back, my shadow blended in with his so I was able to go up close enough to look over his shoulder undetected!!! When Maria finally looked up she gasped with which Jon kept asking her ‘What’ several times. After telling him three times to turn around, he did! His hands holding his camera in front of his face didn’t look like any karate pose to me, but if you say so, Jon…

Being there winy how, plus the good laugh at Jon’s expense, I tried to help Maria fix the fence, as he kept snapping photo’s. Did notice him looking around more!!!

We then went back, loaded up what folk art items that left while doing some major bartering with Maria’s help, in looking out for the artist…me of course…on some items I left behind! How should I say this…I’ll be eating like a king this winter, maybe into the spring. Hell, summer’s only 7 months away; once a week sounds good to me…

Just think, Jon, you are always invited for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s with us!!! Number one rule in a barter; make sure the other guy thinks he’s getting something special!

Note:Ed titled this post… Tonto once told the Lone Ranger that Kemo Sahbee meant ‘wrong brother’…. Looking at this picture I see an Indian princess, but cannot decide which one is Tonto and which is the Lone Ranger…just two old farts!!! (Carol)

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