Given Tomorrow…

1444fall-colors0647_335351353484793_7439124442601771213_nThis time of year with Halloween coming up followed shortly after by the time change…which , by the way, screws me all up so when elected, we’ll stay sprung ahead year round. That famous” I’s getting late early” by Yogi, becomes my driving force in trying my damnedest to get two days work done in one! Through the years it has only made for many half finished as well as half-assed job!

Thankfully I have aged, with which comes common sense, experience and the realization ‘if’ given tomorrow, the work will still be here and being ‘given’ tomorrow is the important part!

So if I’m given tomorrow, that pole with the meter on it that blew down at our other house, … the power had to be shut off and I’ll have to put in a new one…got one…call an electrician…Josh is right down the road…jump through hoops…pay for some signatures…but ‘ya know what? It’s not snowing or freezing, plus if I am given tomorrow with all the abilities I’ve got today, it may be getting late early, but all is still good!!!!

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