Keeping busy…

14859locally-grown794_346114835741778_4264609863765043325_oThese three were soaking up what little bit of sun we had today; perhaps saving up for winter?? (Carol)

Most farms don’t do it this way anymore; before milking this morning took the new battery for the car out to put on the charger, so after milking I could put it in the car. Not like a lot of farm operations that have a herdsman and milking crew and a big shop and their own mechanic.

Then I went to feed cows along with six groups of heifers and bulls which , here again, would have been done by someone from the barn crew; in fact many places have someone full time for feeding because of how fine the dairy cow diet has become to maximize milk production!

My next stop was to get a skid steer bucket of wood over in the woods, bring it back, split it up so Carol could keep wood stove going. Went back to pick some ear corn for Beanie, Sadie and Chickens, then headed to get a telephone pole ready to put up in place of the one that blew over yesterday at the other house. Most farms would hire the pole replaced and having a pet sheep and goat, no way, but maybe chickens.

By now Jeremy had started chopping haylage so we got that cleaned up before possible two days of rain coming.

Then it was back to feed the cows again then go put up that pole with Jeremy, his son Jai and my other Jess; getting done just in time to go milk again, so my walk around and call it quits for another day. Having done multiple jobs the “Jack of all trades, master of none” version that is slowly fading away…

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