Words that spoke loudly…

13029699_249160225437240_6871435714794701876_oHaving grown up Gulley, I have heard ’em all!  From as a youngster, asking for every toy in the Sears and Roebuck Catalog, to a partner in the farm, talking about a needed expenditure; “It’s no disgrace to be poor, just damn inconvenient!” Or those times when you tried but came up short, it was ” It takes an old dog for a rough road and a pup for a path!”

Then on those days you’re a real slacker, possibly due to way more adult beverage than necessary, “Might better go did up a dead man, he’s get more done than you are!” Or maybe, “Might better have planted a shade tree, could at least dit under that!”

If something got broken from neglect or stupidity, it was, “Some body with one eye and half a brain would have seen that comin’!”

In today’s way of thinking, someone saying these things, would most likely be abuse. Funny thing is to me, at the time, was motivation. The way he said it, the conviction in his words to get you to be your best or at least try! It was like you felt he’s been there, was even still there, telling you that you’re not a nobody, but it takes trying to be somebody.

Maybe that is why we never had long conversation, or discussed how to …Maybe, just maybe, we were both trying to become someone! A father and his son pushing to reach that place, someplace, some where, somehow; ’til now there is but one somebody, who can still hear that “You’ll never miss me ’til I’m gone!” So just a little advise to anyone with parents around, “Enjoy ’em while you got ’em”!!


  1. My mom is 101 and lives at home with me….old sayings…my granddad always said the snow, or mud was a** deep to a tall indian…I use that one often…also, a tall man was a long drink of water…love to remember these…



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