My Farmer and Me–A bit of snow, rain, snow…

1485posies3095_346615689025026_4474349450095533329_oToday…chilly, damp, rainy and snowing…as I post this it is raining; a cold rain of course. I can hear it on our metal roof. UGH!

A bit of another catch up day around here…I worked in the car garage, swept the floor put lawn mower to the front, put away some summer tools that ended up there on the shelves.

Ed worked in the shop, making some cute additions to his welding bench, for holding items he uses when in his ‘art’ mode, cleaned the back of the shop, floor swept and things put away for now. Then we got the self-unloading silage wagon in, as he wants to rebuild it this winter. Some of the boards on it are past their prime, so the rebuild is in order. Hey, by the time we need  to use it next summer, it will be like new…

I also put some summer clothes away and got out some heavier winter things. Not looking forward to cold weather but will be a bit prepared, anyway. I have a sore throat that has lingered for about a week, more annoying than anything. I think it is from getting wet outside last week when it rained and I had my calves to feed. My fault…

I have three good sized ‘Christmas’ cactus’ that are full of buds, waiting to bloom. These plants are from a cactus that my mother and bridesmaid used as a decoration at my bridal shower 43 years ago. Last year, the original plant was getting way too heavy, so cut it back and rooted a bunch of it. Gave some away, as I have for years, and I am down to 3. A good reminder of the year we got married. It has ‘family’ all over the place!!! As soon as they bloom I will post a photo. Wonder who else has one they got from me that is ready to burst with flowers?


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