Paul Harvey wannabe…

1458public-notice1359_347215865631675_1947497435312663414_nJust to warn everyone, the following is my take on what Paul Harvey called, ‘The Rest of the Story”, which I am calling “My Take on –it!”It will be biased from my point of view, besides I don’t care what anyone else thinks, ’cause I am right!! Thank you very much…

Today’s subject is Top 10 milk and milk product importers and Top 10 exporters. My take is, if as a dairy farmer, being told my milk check is so low because of too much milk, why then, are we number 3 on the export list, but also 9 on the import side, bringing back 20% of what we shipped out!!!

Why not use the excess here, stateside; might help my milk check!  Now I do agree we need to control milk output and it’s not as easy as I try to make it sound, but then again it’s not rocket science!!

Smart people would not let their citizens go hungry while throwing away food stuffss like some places in this country where milk has been dumped this past year! Yes, I also see all the work our infrastructure needs along with the mass of other problems which need attention.

My Take on –it… Having food still seems damned im-por-tant, not im-port-ed!!!

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