Our Sunday jobs…

Today is once again rainy, although this morning was

a nice change from the last few days of cold, damp and rainy! (even a bit of snow) The rain began about  mid afternoon, so I took to the shop to do some maintenance on the mower so we will be ready to put some haylage in the bag that Jeremy is going to help us put our remaining corn in. There should be plenty of room for a sizable amount. Just praying the weather will cooperate for a couple more weeks. I think Jeremy had a good idea with the bagging and looks like it is  going to work well for us. Thanks.

Carol is once again putting another coat of polyurethane on the inside walls of the porch we added last winter. It was a good ‘inside’ job when the cold got to be a bit much. Unfortunately, with all the summer work we do, the porch still isn’t finished on the inside. Turning into more of a three season room… although we added a wood stove so probably more like an enclosed porch with heat!!!

I went in and took her away from the staining job so we could do the video. Don’t think she minded!!

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