Happy Halloween…A Scary

scaryThem dang experts, who would’a thunk it…Some new research by University;y of Penn. professor Philip Tetlock is saying in a variety of situations, certain non-experts can actually make better predictions than those old experts been doin’> Next time Mr. Philip needs some advice about experts he’ll ask me first, ‘Mr Non-expert on experts!!!

The thing with experts is they know about as much about what they’re suppose to be an expert on as a hog knows about a holiday, which in short says whatever they’re telling you is hogwash!!! Chances are they WERE in the business you are now, only they couldn’t make it work, so they went into the expert business!

For me there was no getting into being an expert, just knew it all any hoo! Some of us are lucky that way, you ask, we tell! Even on subjects really know little about like a hip replacement or President of the U.S.; my ability to pile on the bull with that calm, convincing effect would lead to me going down in history as one of the greatest!!!

So from a non-expert, I’m here to tell ya on this last campaign day in my world, let’s all ‘Move ahead with Ed”. Remember, a write- in vote for Ed will end our over ‘experted world’ and you heard it here first, from Mr. Non-Expert Ed, our next president…Happy Halloween!!!

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