Not a fan of snakes…

sadie14910381_349282815424980_4935920147844554938_nSadie is peeking in to say hello! She has to know where we are every minute…

Like all kids, fishing was one of the things that was the most favorite…of many…for a while growing up, so like most kids somehow there was a fishing pole. In my case, when an olde cousin saw my homemade version, he gave me an older one he had…since in his case it was his favorite thing which he continued to do his whole life! Made my quest to become a bass pro look kinds blankin’ silly…

With the new to me pole, every night juyst before dark that summer, I’d go into the barnyard to dig up some worms in the hay/manure mix that was up close to the buildings. Seems this rotted manure which had been accumulating there, grew the best and fattest worms, which the fish liked…at least that little kid at the time thought so.

Wioth worms in my pocket with a little bit of dirt to make them feel at home, over to the small brook across the road we went! Now, like any kid, there is something that stands the hair up on the back of my neck, while getting those run-for-your-life heebie-geebies!!! Mine was snakes! Why? Well because that was the only thing that scared my father, so in turn this little shitass was petrified!

Well, this one hot night, I was headed to the brook a little later than normal with my pocket full of worms and my new professional fishing pole. While walking down the path, what wiggles just feet away, close to the brook, but this big snake…Now the kid at the time saw a snake 8-10 feet long, as big around as his leg…in real terms, maybe a foot long, crooked pencil…

Knowing I was closer to the big rock next to the brook than the house, to the rock  I went. Being safe perched atop my mountain, with it seemingly very dark all of a sudden, the question arises; What now??

After a couple of minute the typical kid A.D.D. sets in and I begin to fish, constantly looking around for that monster snake to appear. Suddenly a nibble, no, a strike and it feels like a big one so , standing up on the rock , I jerk this long whipping object fro the water. It flies over my shoulder onto the tall grass behind me and turning to look, seeing all that grass swaying back and forth…

Oh, No…Feet don’t fail me now… It’s that snake… As I slam the door heading straight to my room, I remember thinking how hamburgers were my favorite, anyway!!!

One Comment

  1. Omg ed, you leave me laughing….my late husband was one of those big strong guys that was terrified of snakes…the girls and I had to go ahead of him and beat the long grass when we built fence…haha!



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