My Farmer and Me…A sadder part of farming…

Lurch had been in labor for a few hours and not making any progress, so Ed checked her and discovered the calf was twisted as well as Lurch’s uterus (partially). Our son Jess was here and helped with the internal twisting and pulling along with Ed. I started to video the event a couple of times, but knew it wasn’t going to be a good outcome so waited until it was over.

Still allowed her to lick the calf off, then gave her some meds for swelling, aspirin for the pain and a shot to aid in passing the after birth. May need some calcium or dextrose later. It is always hard when these things happen…but life goes on.


  1. Small farmers are animal lovers. You both demonstrate this in so many ways. Allowing Lurch to lick the calf clean is just another example. What a touching and sad video. Thank you for sharing.



  2. So sorry for the death of Lurch’s little calf. She looks like such a devoted and caring mother, I feel so sad for all involved.



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