My Farmer and Me…A better day??


Lurch was up and at ’em this morning. Didn’t push her too much to stand up after her difficult delivery, so was a nice surprise to see her eating when I went to the barn this a.m.. She had also passed her afterbirth without help, which sometimes after a tough delivery, is a challenge for the mom.

She also walked back into the other barn and milking parlor easily. Had put hobbles on her to help her last night, but removed them this morning. She is a stubborn old girl…


    1. Hobbles are essentially a strap the you attach from one back leg to the other around the bottom of the leg, above the hoof, so that when they try to get up or walk, their legs cannot spread too far apart and they remain a bit stable. They can walk with them on, just have to get accustomed to the shorter strides. Sometimes after a difficult birth when they need assistance, as with Lurch, just the manipulation of the internal organs can cause pinched nerves and major lameness due to stretching.But as seen, Lurch appears to be dealing well.
      Thanks for your interest..



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