My Farmer and Me…Lazy day for me…

Yesterday was a lazy day for me. Ed was putting the ‘snapper’ head on the chopper, which is a time consuming job, and I just did a few little jobs. Put some wood in, washed a bit more in the parlor, laundry.

I wrote for my Writing Class, but woke up this morning with a sore throat and aches in every joint, so stayed home and took a nap after morning chores. Was nice for me, but Ed had to finish getting the head on the chopper and make sure it worked the way it should.

I went out and washed the milk tanks, fed my calves and got the parlor ready for evening milking. I was headed out to milk with Ed and remembered I had taken these pictures yesterday, so I thought I would share them.

Ed working on the chopper, Beanie enjoying the sunshine and Peeps peaking out the door of his shelter.



  1. Since I live on a farm also, but do not do as much of the farm work as you do (tractors, etc.), I wonder how in the world do you find time to do laundry, cook meals, etc? I seem to always be behind, & I would think that at this age (72 ) I would finally get it all together better. I enjoy your writing & photos. Mary Ann



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