Catching up a bit…

1490wood8346_352486241771304_4213302548331225488_nCatching up on news and notes from the farm over the last few days. We continue to get rain on a fairly consistent basis (today is Sunday), makes for plenty of mud. Cleaned many areas that are ready to be cleaned again.

Took two days to put snapper head on chopper, having done it before and age sure hasn’t made me faster! Did take it for a trial run and seems to be working fine.

Been working on winter wood by going to woods bringing back a skidsteer bucket full every day; slow process but wood pile is growing. Hope the cold holds off.

Which brings up my prediction that we may have another semi-mild winter; let’s remember you heard it here first, before those latest projections I have been hearing! My research shows grey squirrels are still hob-nobbing around, not in a food frenzy mood! With all the deer I have seen, only one has had a real dark coat.

Meanwhile, bear… local paper had picture of Momma and three, yes three, babies in a corn field in Easton…are in the corn fields partly due to a real bad apple crop, but I look at that they are still active, that internal clock hasn’t put them in the ‘ I am getting drowsy’ mode yet!

One of my sure fire signs of a mild winter hasn’t happened yet to the extent it did last year ! That is  ‘thunder in the fall, no winter at all!’ Last year two big thunderstorms came through in the fall and with the up/down cycle we seem to be in, with warm then cool, even cold, the possibility is still out there.

As long as we stay away from three days cold in a row, three days cold three days more, These short cycle trends end droughts, break hips and sell salt with the freezing rain, sleet and wet snows!

After all these years of working outside every day, be it any season; like today 50 degrees in November and was able to build a feeder for grain so 5 smaller calves have equal room…no gloves, no snow and one day closer to April!!!


  1. We envy your rain. We are in GA & have had very little rain in months. Also had army worms in hay fields, so we are going into winter very short of hay & in a severe drought. We enjoy your writings & the lifestyle. Mary Ann & Stanley



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