The know Whats…

Sun seems to be choosing where to shine today. Photo doesn’t do it justice, though… (Carol)

The following are some major parts of our society that burns my ass about like a flame this high…if you were here, my hand is waving by my side to demonstrate how high the flame is… which need attention. The following is what I’d like to see…the know whats….

You know what I’d like to see…

…A place to vote for none of the above or maybe try again on the ballot, when in the voting machine this Nov. 8.

… Is advertising for Christmas shopping doesn’t start ’til after Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, just plain out of respect.

…A political candidate tell me what they are going to do, not what their opposition hasn’t done.

…A stop to the turning the clocks back in the fall, instead to shorten up winter; take days from Nov., Dec.,Jan. and make them all 28 days like February and add those days to June, July and August!

…Is Thanksgiving become a real meaningful holiday again, not just shop ’til you drop, while watching football extended weekend, because that is no more than people watching an ‘all u can eat’ buffet on a Wednesday night.

Is breakfast cereal boxes be made the same size so all those kitchen cupboards I have made with that one awkward shelf to incorporate all cereal boxes wouldn’t be holding trinkets in the garage!

…All the organizations sending me requests for membership renewal or new, plus extra to save this or cure that, leave trees…paper comes pulp wood…in the forest and go either on Shark Tank or take your problems to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or maybe some ball player who is going to make 30 million next year; they need the tax deduction more than dairy farmer Eddie…



  1. You are so right on, as the kids used to say…politicans don’t tell you anything about themselves that might sway your vote…I have to lay cereal boxes down because not one cupboard is tall enough…the junk in the mail is ridiculous ,and shopping on thanksgiving should be outlawed….you covered it!



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