Bejosh, We have a Problem….

15036sunset413_353199108366684_2375835816168369873_nYet another view of selective sunshine!!

While in pursuit of yesterday’s skid steer bucket full of wood to keep us warn this winter, one very nice Husky chainsaw got a small case of FuBAR. Now before I get blamed for unsafe use of a saw, let me explain!!

As is my usual routine, as soon as morning chores are complete, the chains needed to drag out wood are placed in the bucket. Then the saw is filled up with gas, oil and if the chain needs a touch sharpening job or tightening up, that’s done then it’s off to the woods behind the gravel bed where I am cleaning up a logger’s mess going beck two years now!

Upon arrival at said job site, the chains were attached to several semi large limbs from a formerly fallen large red oak tree, then hooked to the skiddie bucket. As in all previous cases, I slowly back into the field, bringing wood with me!

Whoa! This time a problem…small four inch tree snagged all my limbs! Sorry small gangly beech, you’re going to be sacrificed so my ass doesn’t freeze this winter!!

The beech gave up easy with just one small hitch; it fell on the skiddie. Good thing it was a small sacrificial lamb or should I say limb? Knowing the only way I was going to get my wood into the field, cut up and into the bucket to complete my appointed task, was to cut the sacrificed limb or was that lamb, into pieces which I would allow to come with the other wood!

Welcome to the happening of the FuBAR, which started out as just a small pinch of the chain and in mu normal knee- jerk reaction, I yanked poor, defenseless Husky, causing the FuBAR!

Yes, I admit it…it’s my fault my saw now has a small case of FuBAR…Functionally…Unusable…Bar!!!

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