A bit like force feeding…

pail-and-beanie14991837_353500775003184_8494857778997768532_nAs I was feeding my outside calves a few days ago, Beanie was following me around like always, only this time she stuck her head in my calf grain pail and this was the result.When I heard her muffled bleat this is what I saw, well almost; I ran into the house for my phone and she went to the shop to get Ed to help her. I thought this was a good photo when Ed handed me his latest writing to post this morning. He wrote it last night before the results from the election…(Carol)

Tonight, as we all seem to be on pins and needles, waiting for THE OUTCOME, I instead opened up the Lancaster Farming, Nov 5th issue which just came in the mail today and this is some of what I read:

New Delhi authorities have found at least three dead birds from N5N1 Avian Influenza, just as migratory birds are flying through, heading south. AND…The European Union antitrust regulators are looking into ChemChina’s buyout of the Swiss chemical firm Syngenta because they (ChemChina) control Adama, the largest generic crop production products supplier in Europe. AND…

One farmer in Arkansas shot to death another farmer over herbicide use. AND…In North Dakota they found four butchered Bison in a pasture on a bison ranch; two cows were killed and burned near by…over the last five weeks several animals in the area have been killed or injured. AND…

After years of FBI investigation with Justice Dept. backed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Mr Yan, along with Mr. Zhang got caught stealing rice seed secrets for China to which they pleaded guilty, getting a year and a half, when originally it was 10 years, $250,000 fine. AND…

Some U.S. Senators, including Schumer and Gillibrand…by the way, I was taught that ladies come first, so how come they do something together and Chuck’s name comes first…are asking the USDA  to refund $73 million farmers paid into the Dairy Margin Protection Program that did  nothing to help…funny how insurance coverage works that way!

Hot Damn…that Hillary vs Donald shit slinging negative crap has gone world wide…it has taken over and I let the cat out of the bag by saying there ain’t no reset button in reality! Suck it up ’cause I am predicting 4 more rough years…

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