It’s a Wrap…

14980finished751_354730908213504_9028944759461572502_nThe 2016 corn season is complete, every acre of corn planted this spring has been harvested!!This year’s crop was very good here this year! Thank you Mother Nature!! Also thanks to all the help from Carol, Jeremy, Allison and their kids!! A one more time thanks to all my old equipment for minimal breakdown trips thru fields. Enjoyed several bear sightings along with  turkeys, deer, gray squirrels by the hundreds, those talkative crows harassing ravens, some flocks of geese passing over head and a coyote passing by on the edges of the fields.

You see to me it’s not work, it’s entertainment: all that needs to be done is pay attention, shut off the cell phones and other hand held devices, then look and listen to Mother Nature work her magic!!!

Now, with a little luck, the hay ground will get covered again to fill up the bag we’ve started filling with snapplage…ground up ear corn – like cornmeal… to then bring crop season 2016 to it’s final curtain . One last thing…

Thank you to all the Vets out there, Happy Birthday to the Marines and God Bless to every serviceman and woman…This glass of milk’s to you guys…Thank you!!!

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