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1510logan-and-grampy-show-some-leg-7432_355810174772244_4995294641965333680_nTaken before Ed’s transformation from mountain man to semi-average looking man (HA!HA!) I caught him and our granddaughter showing some leg. These are the same 2 that have the ‘Big Sexy’ and More Big Sexy Shirts’… Go figure…(CAROL)

Over the last couple of weeks with holidays coming, our  mailbox has been overflowing with catalogs from L.L.Bean to The Lighter Side Co! With my unique ability to absorb and critique, hours were spent…well, maybe minutes…

News flash, if its a cloth product such as a pullover, scarf, socks, shirts, pants, even ear muffs that attach to a ball cap — all imported!

Now, you want a fartin’ Santa, maybe a new Baby Jesus tree ornament, better yet a coffee mug with something stupid written on it?…Good old U.S.A. made.

The best was a money tree pictured with twenty dollar bills attached and , get this, written at the end of the description, right nest to the price of $8, it states ‘money not included’!… Really? Come on now people!!!

So that must mean that all those shoes pictured with that shoe saver rack must come with it? But, how do they know my size? Then, the cute little doggie on the doggie bed! Yeah, again, I guess… When did it get to this point?

The step ladder you don’t dare use because of all the warning stickers…Whoops, it’s hot coffee just got at the drive- thru, now driving down a four lane highway at seventy miles an hour! Is that really the time to be sipping hot coffee, talking to your dash about Fantasy Football in your Urban Assault Vehicle, which gets twenty some miles to the gallon!!!

Hey, my father had a Lincoln Town car in the late 60’s that he bought used, for vacation in the winter down south, got twenty two mpg then and that was 50 years ago!!

Enough…shock absorbers for my heels that come i pair for $10…and lets not forget no batteries come with my toilet bowl light which must be like that old Cheerios trick for kids, but for old guys like me if you don’t put the seat up!! Thank God they haven’t come up with the motion activation type for families with teenage boys…


  1. Even the grocery store ads have disclaimers, “Items shown are prepared with additional ingredients, which are not included.” Oh Good Lord.



  2. Ed the only catalog worth saving was from the Duluth Trading Co. Their Firehose work pants are “Tougher than an angry beaver” and their work boots with the no-slip soles will, ” Save your bacon.” Both imported of course. You might want to check out the Whisker Wonderland page. Their Made in the USA “Simply Great Beard Oil” can make your beard feel like that of a Greek God!

    Happy Shopping



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