My Farmer and Me… This is how it is…

Notes on the chalkboard in the milk house are always a pick-me-up, even if not a total surprise. The grandkids just love to leave there art work and words every Grammy loves to hear…150563chaulkboard-notes13_356202381399690_9138139595286387135_nI am used to hearing men say they got their honey-do list for the weekend, but as a farm wife I also get them, as most of us do, because of our occupation! At least us ‘smaller farm’ couples.

Today it was call around and see who has the specific kind of tractor tire that went flat yesterday from age and use. Contacted 5 dealers that we do business with and only 1 had any; and then it was just 1 of them. The other dealers could have it tomorrow or the next day but that wasn’t going to help us today…I asked a couple of them on the phone why they don’t keep them in stock and the answer was the same, too many bigger tractors around. Well, around our area there are still a few ‘small’ to them, ‘big’ to us tractors that work just fine.

Then My Farmer wanted to do a video on getting the old tire off the rim, so I played film maker with an other one to be done when he finishes the job.

Now, had this been a problem in the middle of a good run of mowing hay (the tractor is hooked to mower at the moment) in the best of summer days, they probably would have gotten an earful;  not everyone has 500+ acres to cover which subsequently requires a larger tractor and implements and/or we have to make our living in this business just like the ‘big’ guys do. Small scale vs large scale…money is still green!

So after I return with the new tires, it is time to unload haylage; Jeremy is chopping and Ed said he can unload, I was ‘requested’ to make some more phone calls regarding several different matters. I admit some of these have been put on hold due to getting crops and other field work done, so more than willing to do as requested.

Also have bulk tank to sanitize for tonight’s milking, get this up on Blog along with the video, do evening chores in a few minutes, get dinner on the table and put laundry away. Well, probably laundry will wait. Clean and folded is a start I guess.

Gotta’ also admit that Ed stays busy as well. I give him a honey-do list quite often as well. He just has more strenuous things that need to get done, that I won’t do. No more heavy lifting unless absolutely necessary and I won’t use skiddie. Most of the outside large animal feeding gets done with it so Ed does that. I will stick with the calves and heifers, chickens and peacocks.

Of course there are lots of jobs we have to do together at certain times of the year, moving animals, getting equipment out and put away, preparing for new seasons,etc… I just figure the honey-do lists keep us out of mischief…

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