Work and giggles…

Think it is time to update the chicken population; they have molted which usually is a slack time in egg production, but they haven’t picked back up. I will probably hatch some out for spring.

Cows are getting their bellies full (pardon the pun; cows have 4 stomachs)and will most likely head out to pasture soon. (Carol)

The rains came, putting a damper on our race to finish haylage before the weekend but did give me a chance to put the tire on the tractor in hopes of getting started early tomorrow. Yes, everyone is owed a sorry about that for not videoing the job of putting the new tire on the rim, but didn’t think it would be nice to make my video crew…Carol…stand in the rain. Next time…flats are common.

With my hands being numbing cold, I went in to play carpenter extraordinaire on back porch, still not completed, to make a shoe/coat rack area in one corner an old wooden ladder, along with an old , small, refinished, fixed up cupboard with a drawer combo piece for gloves, hats etc… and perhaps put a key holder on top or even a plant or art piece to spruce it up, who knows?

Without a doubt, the most rewarding thing today was a text Carol got from our daughter-in-law Allison. She had been in a farm store a town away from here, had given the cashier the name on her account which was Gulley; she then asked if she knew Ed Gulley from Bejosh and Al said it was her father-in-law…see somebody claims me…the lady giggled, saying she reads our Blog, she got  a kick out of some of the goofy things I do!!! First, thank you for following. Also, in today’s high stress world, I am glad you got a giggle from my writing; I hope everyone does, even if I’m ranting on milk prices, cause no one loves life more than I do.

Take a deep breath, relax; Forrest Gump said it best, ‘shit happens’…So in our rush to meet all life’s deadlines, I look at life as a deadline and I am putting together one long ass damn impressive presentation, hopefully!

Being defeated by life’s problems is a temporary condition made permanent only if you give up!!!

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