Southern Hospitality…

Caught this rainbow as it was fading yesterday and the morning mist this morning, with the wagons and  bagger ready for more harvest…. (Carol)

In the few extended trips Carol and I have taken, for me at least, the further south we travel, the more enjoyment.We enjoy the conversation with the locals at eateries or antique shops we like to rummage through.

Not sure why, but have found playing the farmer card with a waitress evokes more “ya’ll s “; turns may I help you into ‘Oh hon,’ keeps your coffee cup full, plus lets you know the best dessert that will come with either whip cream or have ice cream on the side, depending on what it is…

Being experts in travel was not always the case, still not,in fact quite the opposite! Headed to NOrth Carolina to visit some of our kids who were living there at the time, we zoomed down the interstate. It dawned on us that the scenery was nothing but trees, no view. In our line of work we will probably never get back here again. Lets see something, so with a real map quest, I mean actually looking at a map to find another route heading toward the same general area, we found one.

After traveling for quite some time on the new route, not only were our tanks starting to run low, but the car needed gas kinda soon. All the little one stop towns we were passing thru had no signs of gas or food! At last a Mobil sign over there on the left, down this little drive way, very steep into the lot.

Our first site upon refocus from that entrance, was a State Trooper car with the trunk open and directly behind, through all the glass front of the garage, were 4 individuals dressed in bib–overalls with no shirts…two women, one lets call big boned, the other a Twiggy type, both looking stunning with cigarettes in the corners of their mouths…both looking right at us as I stopped in the middle of nowhere with that deer in the headlight stare!!!

Then from around the corner the trooper appeared. Why is he carrying five gallon container, putting it in his trunk, with Billy Bob #3 getting in his cruiser as a passenger, looking at us and laughing while driving away?

As slowing driving up to the pump, I told myself ‘Deliverance’was only a movie! Since no one came out to pump the gas I entered the station with the intention of talking in a deep voice, looking tough which I failed big time, coming up with something like, ” Excuse me, no sign, do I pump my own?” As the big boned woman plucked the cigarette from her lips, blowing smoke in the air I came out with ‘ yeah, I’m a farmer from up in New York just heading down to see my kids.”

The flood gates opened and was told Billy Bob 1 and 2 worked on farms, before Twiggy’s uncle still farms. Big bones pinched the fire off her smoke and pumped our gas…It was all kinds like in ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ on the Group W bench! I didn’t ask to recommend a good place to eat…

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