My Farmer and Me…Hay Season 2016 officially Over

We can put away the mower, the baler, the rake and the tedder. No more hay to do until next summer! Ed will do a once over on all those pieces of machinery and use the air compressor to get them relatively clean along with whatever he deems necessary for sitting through the winter in the machine shed.

Seems nice to know yet another year of planting, haying and chopping is over. So much more is involved in getting through all of the 4 seasons here on the farm, but we do experience a sense of pride and relief knowing we did it once again.  A bit different this time, with the bagger and working with Jeremy and family ; we are looking forward to seeing the difference with that and the way we usually do it. Should be way more quality feed in the bag than in a pile, as there is a fair amount of waste with the pile do to moisture and spoilage. Who knows? Perhaps Bejosh will switch to this type of storage from now on.

Thanks again to all who helped with this harvest. Happy Thanksgiving! A lot to be thankful for…


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, humans and animals, at Bejosh Farm. I am very thankful to have your blog to look forward to every day.



  2. I always look forward to your post and never miss one. Love hearing about your life on the farm and only recently realize how much work it is. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.



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