Unfinished Business…

Our Granddaughter Kaylah is just one of the fortunate Greenwich students who is moving ahead with a great ‘Imprint’ on her life from Betsy Foote.

Hoping the 3 wagons and bagger will be put away for the season 2016. As I post this, they (Ed, Jeremy and Jai) are busy at work, finishing our haylage. Ed actually wrote this Thursday night. I’m behind…(Carol)

Just some unfinished business to take care of : Congrats again, to Betsy Foote, Chris Kelly and the FFA kids; saw the picture in the Country Folks on your successful trip! Remember the old – looks like a duck, walks like a duck, plus it swims like a duck as well. Good Kids…positive results…different good kids…more positive results…Darned Good Teachers. If ever there is anything I can do to help the FFA please ask…

As for the farm, all the hay to be mowed in 2016 is, so the haybine was sort of cleaned off and backed into the shed. The plan with it plus the baler and chopper is to let them air dry for a few days! Then some calm, sunny day they will be brought to the shop where its a high pressure cleaning, then a grease and oil bath, followed by a once over to locate wear and tear problems. If needed, some parts are in shop and will be used then, or the need for repair, stored in the rolodex in my head to be done next spring before the 2017 crop season.

With Carol and Jeremy both raking with the expectation we will get it all chopped tomorrow (Friday, which we didn’t) if not , in between early morning and late afternoon hunt on Saturday. (Yup). Yes, deer season with rifle opens and like the lottery, you never know’ someone might get that ‘tirty-point’ buck.

Regardless, it is just a nice way to end crop season 2016 in time for Jeremy and his entire family, and Carol and I (if we choose) to celebrate in a way, the idea you’ve worked the land all season to put up feed to keep the livestock thru the winter, not it is time to put food up for yourself, if you choose to…


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