What Holidays Should Be…

15253after-dinner-chat-380_361575340862394_5301778635614399844_nMaggie and her Dad talking turkey…Carol)

Hope one and all had a great Thanksgiving, with plenty of family, friends enjoying good food and lots of dairy products, of course…

In recent years the Gulley clan assembles at Maggie’s with each family bringing part of the feast. Yes…we even allow Tony to sit at the big table with the adults! This year the youngest, Cooper, said grace; then the laughing began with everyone being fair game, even family that didn’t make it were thrown under the bus!

Many a story is retold as the now teenage next generation listen wide eyed, with their phones recording. At every gathering new secrets from parents, Grand parents and kids seem to make the family bond closer as we all grow older together!

What a great holiday, Thanksgiving. No gifts and not many decorations. Just you, people you chose to be with, food and Tony!!

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