Good Girl,Sadie…

Sadie has had recurring abscesses in her front hooves and the Vet diagnosed her with foot rot, also. She is now on a human dose of buffered aspirin and 12cc’s of penicillin 2 x day. She is walking much better after just a few days. As you can see, she is a ham when it comes to being in front of the camera!! Gotta love this girl…


  1. Sorry to hear Miss Sadie has a bum foot, but happy she is on the mend! Please give her some love from me. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving ! PS What breed is Sadie ??



    1. Sadie is an Alpine. She is so funny and amusing at times.Ed put her aspirin in a fig newton cookie and she at the cookie and spit the pill out and then turned and hustled away before we realized what she had done. And yes, we had a very nice Thanksgiving, how about you?



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