Hey…Lets Be Careful Out There…

151927-kucky-young-man03_363747473978514_5834087718233427449_nLucky Young Man…

In the middle of the night (and it’s not the Billie Joel song) some knocks came at the window as I lay asleep on the couch we have by the wood stove. The dogs heard the noise just as I did and all four came running to the back door howling.

In response to the knocks in between dog barks, could be heard this ‘help me please.’ After commanding quiet from the dogs, said person was questioned through the window on what the hell you thinkin’ boy? Wwell it seems he had rolled his truck over right in front of our house and said he wanted me to help him roll it back over!

He said all the right things such as it was my fault, I was going too fast, I’m sorry, please, I can’t afford to be in trouble now! He even said he’d give me a $1000! Having lived here all my life, my head told me no, so for the better part of ten minutes I yelled at this what looked to be 20 something fellow telling him NO!

I asked him if I looked stupid, pointing to my dogs saying why do you think I have these guys? Finally saying he was sorry several times, I told him I wouldn’t call the police; then explaining to Carol what was going on she was shaking and scared. I also noticed  neighboring houses in which the three closest are lived in by either widows or a woman with three kids!

So to keep my word  (I wouldn’t call) Carol went and called 911 and they told us to lock our doors and stay inside. Hence…this post…I took my shotgun, sat at the kitchen table with two shells in my left hand and the gun across my lap and began writing.

As I was writing it seemed eerie quiet with absolutely no traffic at an hour when cars are normally buzzing by at a steady pace; second shifters heading home. Finally after what seemed an eternity, the Sheriff along with  State Troopers showed up and I was eventually asked to go out and identify a young fellow as the one talking through the window. He had evidently walked to a farm a couple of miles away where either he knew someone there or they had let him borrow a payloader and was going to upright the truck with it; he arrived back here at the same time the police arrived.

Do I feel bad, well maybe a little. But as hopefully we all do, age smartens us up some where rules matter and if it’s true what I heard walking away after I’d I D’d Mr Rollover, he told the officer he wasn’t driving the truck and had no license!

Well, Duh! I’m sorry, but in today’s world thinking about my neighbors, my dogs and other animals but mostly Carol being scared, the proper thing was done…Case closed.


  1. I know this young man Ed. You did the right thing. I was told that he had left a friends camp and was completely intoxicated and the truck was stolen from Rodi Walkers. Good call on carols part. Literally. Love you guys 🙂



    1. From all we have learned, he wasn’t intoxicated and he works for Rody. But could be wrong. We were just impressed that he came face to face to apologize.
      Have a good day, Jen. Love you, too. Happy Holidays.



      1. Well I’m glad to hear that. Other people where he was were saying he was and that he stole it. I know he works for rody. I will be down with Erik real soon. Happy holidays to you and all the kids.


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