My Farmer and Me…Yes I was Scared…

ed-and-carol-with-the-gooseAs Ed wrote in his post we had a bit of excitement during the night. We were both awakened by the sound of a truck rolling over directly in front of our house.

I heard what Ed was saying through the window, being dead set against going outside and up-righting the vehicle. I could tell he was adamant but I just stayed still until Ed said to call 911.

Neither one of us knew if there was more people outside, what they were doing or even for sure what was going on. Given every thing that has been going on around the country lately, I guess I just panicked and was really anxious about how this would turn out.

I caught myself sneaking through my own home to use my cell phone in a place where ‘he’ wouldn’t see the light from the phone. Ed was sitting at the table with the shotgun and shells. After a while the police arrived and I felt better.

I know this probably sounds silly to most, but this is how we reacted. It is a shame that we or anyone in the same position, felt the need to so desperately protect ourselves. Just a few years ago this same situation would have been handled much differently; Ed probably would have said he would take a look at the truck and help if he could. How times have changed…

After mulling the events over, I can see the boy was scared and nervous, as anyone would be. This could have been so much worse for him as I saw the marks in the field where this happened. A wake up call for all of us…

The best part is that the young man came to see us this morning after daylight and apologized for bothering us last night. Said he was at fault all the way around and seemed very sincere. Want to believe some good will come out of this for him. He took responsibility.Would like to think that had this been one of our children in the same situation they would have too. I think he is on his way to being a fine young man. Just a few speed bumps along the way.



  1. I would have been afraid too. Unfortunately, you never know who is drunk or high on drugs. Things that can make them highly unpredictable. This is one reason I have 4 dogs including a German Shepherd and an Aussie who are extremely protective of me. If I was home along there is no way I would have opened my door. I’m not sure what my husband would do but my feeling is he wouldn’t either. I’m so glad there wasn’t any worse trouble for you and that everyone is alright.



  2. glad you are both ok and the kid too. better safe than sorry…
    it was weird that he offered $1k in requesting your help. he had that kind of money on him? like those emails ofren received with “dignataries” who want to transfer a pot of gold to your bank account- just provide your account number, social security number ect. a strange scene and better to be cautious



    1. I don’t think he would have it on him…perhaps just honest enough to return with it after all was over. Actually I think he was just in a panic and would say anything to get help. Unfortunately, I am sure there are some out there who would have taken him up on the offer. But honesty prevailed and he could walk away from this incident with his head held high.
      As per your comment about providing info to strangers, we do not put any personal info out there via computer or any other media. Just don’t believe in it, which means we do everything in person and never gave a thought to taking the young man’s money.
      Thank you for your interest and Happy Holidays!



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