Parts in Stock 101…

15203stove340_364438967242698_4918317192024237066_nDays like the other day it slaps me in the face on how hard it is sometimes to get parts for the older items we tend to still be using here at Bejosh.

Case in point was getting adapters for my combo coal/wood stove used to heat the milking parlor. Why a Warm Morning Model 520 that was put in District 13 one-room schoolhouse new in 1956 would not be something kept in stock.

Well, thanks to Tim and the great people at Wiley Bros. Hardware, it was right there on the shelf. So this means next time anyone in the area needs hardware, lumber and great folks to deal with, every one knows where to go…Thanks Tim!

As for the other stove adapter, looks like one of the fine fabricators in the area will be getting a visit. So, that day I batted 50%, which by comparison is not bad! In a time when you can hold in the paln of your hand a phone, talk to anyone anywhere in the world, order lunch, do math, check the weather, yahoo, google or whatever, punch up all those munchin figures, talk in code…but no one except Tim at Wiley Bros. had anything but that :I;ll check with my suppliers and maybe we can order one’ and ‘Yeah, it will be in around 2-3 weeks’.

Ok! By that time I’ll be frozen or at the least quite stiff!

So just a few words of advice to ‘chain, big box or want to be pretenders…IF you aren’t going to carry new shit for my old stuff, tell me you can get it overnight and you’ll eat the overnight charge. Please and Thank You…

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