Upon Further Review…

First thing needing to be said on the accident the other night is how proud I am of that young man; he came by the next day, taking ownership. Good thing to see in this ‘I’ and ‘me’ world.

1414Black Vultures1831_316982418655020_6962265282745645674_nThen being able to survey what happened, how lucky everyone was. You see, just a few weeks ago, just about where he came to a halt with the truck, was a guide pole connected by cable of course, to the power pole about 15′ from our front door. This pole connects to a second pole maybe 80′ away on the back side of the garage that hooks to the house.

This second pole has a transformer on it, our power source for the farm. The guide pole on the other side of the road was broken in an accident by a truck just a few weeks ago and the power company decided not to replace it! Didn’t think it was doing any good!

What a blessing that was, because this truck would have plowed right into it! I feel there would have been a good possibility that both those other poles may have come down ior maybe only one, bringing down live wires, which being so close to the house, in fact passing over the garage, there would have been a risk for fire or worse!

My reason for having this concern is those big white ‘X’s on the power poles which is the sign that they are to be replaced! Simply put, they’re old and rotting away! Now this ‘X’ marks are just part of a parade of inspectors that , over the last 4 years, have been coming by every few months, filling out forms, checking pole numbers; always answering my questions of when they will be replaced with ‘oh I’m just part of verification, I don’t schedule when the work is done..’

Now I know nothing did happen with the poles and maybe it’s just fuddy duddy old me, but why do I feel a bullet was dodged and I’m sort of angry or is it disappointed? Are power companies to blame or is it gov’t red tape>Two poles and last year many in the area were replaced both up and down my road!

How about the road itself? Once just gravel, then oil and stones, then blacktop; and with each supposed up-grade every one goes faster! I ask…was ever an engineer involved, if it was a NASCAR track one would have been!!! The corner just above our house…is it sloped to keep the cars on the road? Was that the reason for gravel roads so people drove slower because cost and time prohibit all country roads from being engineered???

How many bullets will we dodge or is it who will and how many?? Makes me pull out that Dirty Harry line…’feeling lucky, punk? Well do ya??

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