Well, guess it’s about that time again…

Everywhere I look lately, decorations are going up, cars driving by with trees strapped to the roof or stuck in the trunk, so I thought I’d make my list and check it over to see if it really is that time of year!!

1485posies3095_346615689025026_4474349450095533329_oOk, the mannequins all seem to have on heavy clothes, with hats, gloves and a scarf… Yeah the wood stove in the milking parlor is going and Sadie is spending a lot more time there…

Beanie moved into the shop during overnight hours… Shivers sleeps on the bed at night now, not out in the hay mow…There is a big dog rug made up of Minnie, Putz ,Grissom, Stella and of course, Lady, the smallest who snores, sleeping around the wood stove in the house…Kita and Lovie have their beds by the parlor stove…

Every one keeps hitting their head on the heater in the milk house!…My gloves are always wet and my hands get cold!…Carol always asks my to bring more hay and straw around for the calf barn…Phil, Ms Kay and number one son Willie, the peacocks, have also taken up residency in there also…

Cut a load of wood today, yesterday …dammit, every day! Opened up that other area in the barn so can have it for cows to calve in which there are 3 all due next week; Dog, Cass and Gerta ;and they are all looking the part…

In big letters on the top of the list is to move Mongo, Tor and possibly Peeps in with RedMan, so three bulls , whoops, 2 bulls and 2 steers ( Mongo and Tor may want to be bucking bulls, HAHA!) Then switch heifers from one side of the road to the other in preparation of them becoming new members of the milking herd next year!

So kinda’ looks like it might just be that time to go dig my camo Santa suit outta moth balls!!! HO HO HO!!!

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