No ‘Down’ Time…

1404fair 20165611_312144102472185_6994383308510845012_nEven in these short days of late fall, there seems to be plenty to keep busy with! In many a conversation with, for lack of a better term, non-farmers, ‘well, it’s much easier in the winter’, right!!!

Actually for some one who farms small like we do, may in many ways, be harder.

Unlike many dairies today who have a crew for crops and a crew for cows, here it is just a crew of YOU…which here at Bejosh is Carol and I, a pair of mid 60’s old fogies (speak for yourself Ed)…a crew that spends as early in the spring as Mother nature will allow, until sometime in the fall, when she pulls the plug on working in the fields!

There is milking, feeding and cleaning at some level done every day, year round…in warm weather some animals may be running on pasture so no cleaning with minimal feeding likely! While young calves and milk cows get the full treatment year round!

But the part that I think many times is over looked, is as a workforce of just two, we still have those every day chores all homeowners have…our lawn needs to be mowed, house repairs ( like an old, new door I am doing now).

The lawn you can’t leave to mow over the winter, but those other things…different story! Being that milking cows for a living is a seven day a week job, those weekends off or vacation time built up is, instead, these short days of winter!

When you push like hell taking all that feed you’ve got stored up from Mother Nature’s grace period, keeping all those animals happy and healthy so you can go freeze your balls off, you gotta play home owner!

May say even though I’m past the cut it twice and it’s still too short and the radio doesn’t go off when you turn the light switch on, it sure would be nice to do it without gloves on and a flashlight in my mouth!

I put this on my to do list…or my bucket list???

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