Tell Me it isn’t so…

15285door084_366354073717854_2802537326456543496_nLatest project…The Door

Most nights when finally calling it quits, I sit at the kitchen table to read a few articles from many farm publications and of course thumb through some ads that arrive daily, to try to keep in touch with trends and prices! After that is when my head has cleared from the day’s happenings and my body has relaxed so I pick up my pen to write whatever nonsense is bouncing around up there!

Well, tonight the flier from a hardware chain has even me headed for the deep end…this is worse than not being able to pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel!

They feel it necessary to write the smart phone and its plug in cord were not included with the power strip for $24.99…ah hell, man, it was in the drawing and I just yelled to Ethel to get her clothes on so we can go down to that hardware store and get us a smart phone to watch the Beverly Hillbillies on, then twiddle ’em…Hot Damn!!!

Have we really gotten to this point? Do people bring these ads in demanding what is in the picture? If so, why not just take a picture with a smart phone as it sits on the shelf in its plastic wrapping with a price tag, not bar code and send it to Facebook?

Every one is on there updating and checking out pictures; they’ll see your power cord with a price…Bang. 21st century…no paper, save the trees, going green…whoa, I should be in advertising!!!

Wait…Carol says they already do this type of thing!!! So these fliers are for idiots like me, huh? Walking around in these wet boots…

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