Never Fails…

1464gerta-in-the-morning-sun-2335_338426153177313_5687722206574934892_nVery seldom do we go anywhere for an afternoon but when it happens, Murphy’s Law kicks in and we return home to find a cow (s), goat sheep, chicken, dog or something wandering the road as we come driving up to the farm.

Well, yesterday my 3 hour safety course for my pistol permit was from 1-4, so I asked Carol if she would like to go, so while the course was going on she could pick up some stuff we needed then store-hop… Most important, we could go out for supper which normally would be around 6pm before milking.

Call it a farmer’s business lunch! At the Green Acres Tavern in Greenwich, Brenda served us a good meal…thank you!

Then per normal as we pulled up to our driveway, who comes running from the shadows in the hayfield opposite our house?? KaSneeze, a Brown Swiss! She is a young cow you’ve probably heard me tell about who fights with any cow in the barn and promptly loses! Therefor, she spends her time in solitary, running in a barnyard type setting behind the free stall with a box-stall she runs into for food and water.

Anyway, like its always that dejavue thing, she kicks up her heels and runs away every time I call her name, until Carol comes with a pail of grain, then she follows us back to her pen!

As I’m hooking the chain on her gate, that hasn’t been hooked in weeks, I swear all the animals on the farm were laughing, while whispering to each other, ‘He thinks he’s the boss’, yeah right…

BUT, you didn’t interrupt my supper!!!


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