15355704cass_369792336707361_7064532711767481439_nNew Momma, Cass waiting for a bit of help getting up. Needs IV of calcium and perhaps some glucose for a little boost.

First, my apology goes out to everyone on how boring our videos have been lately, due largely to winter time days becoming very repetitive; milking, feeding, cleaning and start all over again, with little time in between. That time is mostly spent cutting wood and doing warm weather repair or building jobs in the cold…

Then today a golden nugget falls into our lap…Cass, one of the cows that calved 2 days ago, had a mild touch of milk fever. This is simply treated with an IV pf calcium which we can do!

Carol, the executive producer, camera person, video tapes me as…most cows cows with this ailment usually cannot get up…with a halter the cow’s head is pulled to the side, tying it to her back leg, exposing the vein on the side of her neck, where the IV is run in slowly and I can explain the symptoms along with the treatment! This video will be both educational and exciting!

So, take one and only…as always I nail my part again telling all with such flair and of course, the good looks… what a bonus! Jess was here and got the needle into the vein with ease..fast forward to every thing is done, Cass will be up in a few minutes…which she was…all is cleaned up, so Carol, executive producer, camera person, clicks on to view the video before posting!!!

Nothing, nada, zilch…no video! Seems Carol (EPCP) did something WRONG!!! For all of you disappointed followers, send your complaint letters to: Carol, Executive producer, camera person, 10 Chestnut Hill Rd, White Creek 12057… Oh yes, sympathy cards and letters for me who put all that into my performance, and Cass, can be sent to the same address…Just use Star for the name…they will find me!!!

P.S. Happy birthday to my oldest son, Chad!!! May you become a truly happy person who can enjoy the scenery, even the detours of life!!!


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