Thinking about It…

15578462_salee370900243263237_5416845147254351353_nSalee is enjoying the sunshine today , in preparation for the upcoming polar weather!

I have always wondered, so might just as well ask. Why, if we choose, can anyone who is of legal age, smoke, be it cigars, pipe or cigarettes? BUT they cannot buy raw milk from me–it is illegal…

I have not asked the farmer out in a western state to use him as an example, so his name will not be used. His state allows him to run milk thru a pasteurizer at a little lower temperature, for a shorter length of time and doctors along with state Ag officials agree with it; keeping the wanted properties of raw milk while being safe and they let him sell it as ‘raw’.  I am still gathering info on this process, so more forth coming hopefully!

Back to my question! I don’t think it is wrong to say we know how smoking can be very harmful, even deadly…while with raw milk there is that kind of certainty!Personally, I’ve been drinking raw milk right from the cow, who is healthy, cooled properly and kept cold without ever an issue; ‘you’ problem or ‘you’ responsible, or even better, ‘you’ choice!

A number of years back, did not people get sick, some deathly, from water at our county fair>? My intention is not to throw a bad light on the fair, just show how sometimes all the regulations, rules and testing fail.

Just read the side effects on the medicine you are taking! Even better, look at the back of your lottery ticket; they gave you an 800 number to call if you have no money left for groceries for the week, instead you’ve got a fistful of losing tickets!! …of course, we all know addicts get put on the straight and narrow over the phone…

What I’m saying is in our quest to save us from ourselves, from seat belts to stress relievers, I still see plenty of death and destruction under a different set of rules, with lots more regulation! Hopefully this isn’t one of those problems we already know the answer to, but wish we didn’t…MONEY


  1. Here in Ohio my daughter buys raw milk from a Amish farmer 2 hours from her home. The farmer sells herd shares to get around the government BS, he has a booming business, weekly delivers, milk cream butter,yogurt, buttermilk, eggs, fresh produce, bakery items, honey homemade jellies, real food. Thankful for all the farmers hard work!



  2. You are right on target, as usual….those of us that always had their own milk cow, always enjoyed the fresh milk, and so did anyone that came to our home…this is an antiquated law…modern methods of milking and vetting our animals has made it ridiculous…a few gallons here and there are not going to wipe out the population…you will have to bootleg, I guess…a donation box and suggested donation amount….I think that is legal….lol!



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