Look Who We Have Here…

1420slacking3194_321193484900580_7052445369151692636_nI took this the day I caught them both slacking this past fall…(Carol)


Yesterday was milk pick up day and Mr Iguana himself did the honors! Yes, John Greenwood was our truck driver. What a great team we make; I do the paper work while he pumps on the milk, so we have more time to bullshit…it’s ok, his boss doesn’t read the blog yet…

Anyhow, we got talking about gifts such as hats or pocket planners businesses would hand out this time of year! In many cases it seemed to be almost like a competition. If you drove red tractors the guys in green did all they could to get you to wear their hats! Didn’t care if you bought anything, just wear the damn hat so they would be the victor!!!

I knew salespeople who bragged over certain people wearing their hats!! It got fun when you got a choice, a winter or summer hat…If you knew the salesperson who was, lets say, persuasive, you’d use the story on how their competition is giving out both; worked every time!

Next they started coming out with special edition hats…these were more with the semen jockey. Their normal hats just showed the stud service name like Select Sires, but the special edition had a logo of one bull! These were the ones you had to work for, by buying some semen and convincing them you bought it just to get the hat! Just happened that the company newsletters let you know the hat was coming months ago, giving plenty of time to plan your purchase.

Those good old days when they said thank you even if you didn’t buy anything…even got gloves at different times. Those pocket notebooks with pages of info in the back about weights and measures, weather and every other odd ball fact found on Google today.

Ironically, today my Ernestvedt Seed Co.. product booklet from Sacred Heart MN. arrived in the mail and contained a nice pocket knife.  Every year they send some nice gift with their booklet, no fancy or pressure packed ‘buy now and save’, just ‘here’s your gift along with info on this year’s seed corn!’

Sometime soon I’ll send in my seed corn order which has been getting smaller year by year and I’ll bet come next year this time, something else to go with the pocket knife and last year’s money clip along with all the other gifts through the years will come as a surprise from those fellows that I have never met!

Know something else? It won’t be just a calendar; so for you businesses that will remain nameless, lets start again and lets say with tee shirts!

PS. For those who have continued doing the right thing this time of year, the preceding was not meant for you…Also, any one need a calendar?


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