Late night check…


Most nights when I take a last walk-about before heading into the house for the night, its to make sure no gate was left unhooked or water running needlessly somewhere! With last night being the leading edge of the impending two day cold snap, I needed also, to lay eyes on a Brown Swiss, Gerta…

Being now, several days over her due date, making doubly sure she wasn’t going to calve, yet not locking her up in the box stall before she needs is also part of the equation. Cows being herd animals and our box stall being in a semi-secluded area, I don’t want her put in there until calving is close enough to have her engaged!

My reason being with the small herd of Brown Swiss we have, there seems to be a closeness among them. Most Brown Swiss calves that have grown up together as cows, still stay together even coming into the milking parlor together.

When finding Gerta, she was on the other side of the barn from where she had been earlier. A once over showed her teats weren’t full figured, udder still doesn’t have that full look or feel, has more dropping in to do; and the kicker was that twinkle in her eye telling me ‘not tonight, honey’ and tell me any man that doesn’t know that look!!!

One Comment

  1. Each one has their own personality. Swiss however, also have a language all their own – therefore that special bond. Gerta is a beautiful girl – can’t wait to see her baby – hopefully a heifer. Warms my heart when I read about your endless care and concern for each and every one of your herd.



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